24/04/2017 - After 11 days we can finally say that Hero is doing very well! Born a bit too early, with a birth weight of 74 grams, fighting for his life and now managed to grow up to 188grams almost all by himself and with the fantastic love and care from his mother. New pictures of him can be found on the kittenpage.

18/04/2017 - Rosie gave birth to 6 kittens, sadly something went wrong during the pregnancy which caused 3 stillborn kittens and 2 kittens to pass away.. Right now Rosie has only 1 kitten left, we called him Hero and it seems he is doing good after a rough start. That these events has a big impact on us goes without saying, but for now we are very happy that Rosie is ok and she has Hero to take care of, she is a 1st time mother, but does an excellent job with Hero and she is a very proud mum! Check our kitten page to see more of Hero. ❤ ❤

We also updated our plan’s page.

27/03/2017 - We are SO happy and proud!

Our last show for this season couldn’t end better!

NL*Perun's Mississippi got her last CACIB and can call herself International Champion now, On top of this she got BIV and NOM!

And our big pride, WW16 S*Zygot's Snigger JW, ended his showcareer as Junior today with a super result as well! He got Ex1, BIV, NOM and BEST IN SHOW with ALL votes!!!

Out of the 14 shows we have participated with Snigger, he got judged by 14 different judges, 14x Ex1, 14x BIV, 13x NOM and 11x Best In Show ! This was something we could only dream about when we picked him from our beloved country Sweden! Thank you once again Annika for this treasure

He is like a dream in all kind of ways!

Now its time for us to take a little break from the shows and prepare ourself for some other things that are around the corner... :-)

13/03/2017 - This morning NL*Perun's Sweet Gitchey Rose got her first HCM/PKD scan, she is HCM NORMAL and PKD Negative. besides these excellent results she carries her first kittens.

13/02/2017 - We have been to show with Orlando & Snigger, Orlando obtained his first CAC and behaved like a dream after being away from the showtable so long. Snigger on the other hand loved the attention he is now very familiar with, stole the judges hearts and took it all, he took Ex1, Best In variety, Nomination, Best In Show, Best In Category, and to top it all off, he even made it to Best Of Best!! no words can explain how proud we are on this boy, he just keeps on amazing us! <3 <3 <3


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