30/11/2017 - Today we brought a visit to the vet for HCM screenings, it was Snigger his first scan and for Ernie, Orlando and Mississippi the 2nd scan, we are happy to say that all results were normal.

22/11/2017 - Busy with settling in our new house, we planned some shows to attend to and look forward to it allot. For a couple of weeks we also have a very stunning new female in our home who we would like to introduce. She is really a dream and we would like to welcome S*Zygot’s Dixie Chick in our lives, Thank you annika for this treasure! <3 <3 <3

24/09/2017 - Today our kittens turned 10 weeks. New pictures are out on the kittenpage.

28/07/2017 - New pictures are out on the kittenpage from both our current litters. Both Mums and all kittens are doing very well and have started to open their eyes.

17/07/2017 - On the 15th of July Emily gave birth to 7 beautiful babies, and 1 day later Giulia gave birth to her kittens as well.
On the kitten page more info and pictures are to be found from both litters.

04/07/2017 - We have been to the vet with Giulia & Emily for HCM/PKD scanning, for Giulia it was her first scan, she is HCM NORMAL and PKD Negative, besides these excellent results she carries her first kittens. For Emily it was her 3rd scan and there were no changes, which is very good to see. Emily also expects kittens.. <3

18/06/2017 - Time is going fast, Hero is almost 10 weeks already. some new pictures are on the kitten page. It also seems that the plan’s we made so far are working out... :-)

30/04/2017 - Hero is doing very well and some new pictures of him are out on the kitten page.

24/04/2017 - After 11 days we can finally say that Hero is doing very well! Born a bit too early, with a birth weight of 74 grams, fighting for his life and now managed to grow up to 188grams almost all by himself and with the fantastic love and care from his mother. New pictures of him can be found on the kittenpage.


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